1 Name Saves — Banned!

One Name Saves – Banned!


1) “If we today are being judged for a good work of [healing] a weak man, in what [blank] this [man] has been saved, he will be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel that by the name of Iesous Anointed (Ihsou Cristou) of the Nazarene, whom you crucified, whom the God (O Qeos) raised from dead, in THIS [name] this [man] stands before you whole.


This is: ‘The Stone, The [One] having been rejected by you, the [ones] building [Jews], The [One] becoming into Head of the corner.”


And there is NOT in the salvation in NO other, neither is ANOTHER name under the heaven, the [one] having been given in men in which it is necessary to have been SAVED us” – Acts 4.9-12.




2) “And approaching, The Iesous (O Ihsous) spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority was given to Me in heaven (Government) and on earth (Congregation).  Going make students all the [body; ta swma] nations [12 Tribes] …” – Mt 28.18-19.


3) “And immediately, The Iesous (O Ihsous) spoke to them, saying, ‘Have courage!  I Am! (Egw eimi; = God, see: Exodus 3.14).  Do not be afraid!” – Matthew 14.27.


4) “For husband is head of the wife as also Anointed (Cristos) Head of the From Calling (ek klhsia), and He Is Savior of the body” – Ephesians 5.26.


5) ‘and all tongue will confess that LORD IESOUS ANOINTED (Kurios Ihsous Cristos) to glory of GOD FATHER (Qeou Patros)” – Philippians 2.11.




“Have you been saved by this ONE name?”


How do the Bible translations read?


(1) 1526, “that in the name off* Iesus should every knee bowe”; Tyndale.

            NOTE *: A single letter “F” was translated “S”, and the double “FF” was translated “F.”

(2) 1599, “confess that Iesus Christ is the Lord”; Geneva Bible.

(3) 1611, “that Iesus Christ is Lord; Authorized Version.

            NOTE: There is no “King James” in the KJV.  The title page reads: “Prince Iames.”

(4) 1582, “should confess that the Lord Iesus Christ”; Rheims NT.

(5) 1738, “confess that the Lord Jesus* Christ”; Rheims NT.

            NOTE *: Considerable research, and expense, have determined that this date was the “birth of the name, ‘Jesus.’”

(6) 2002, “confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”; RSV.

(7) 2008, “confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”; ESV.

(8) 2008, “confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”; NLT.


SUMMARY: “Iesous” is banned 977 times in Bible translations.

“Anointed” is banned 490 times in Bible translations.



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