The 7 Spirits of God

In 1997, God revealed to several Internet web 

pages the 7 Spirits of God listed in Isaiah 11.2-4.

I am a Bible commentary historian, and I have

never read of anyone knowing this in over 1900

years.  These 7 Spirits were named: 1) Wisdom &

Understanding, 2) Counsel, 3) Might,

4) Knowledge, 5) Fear of He Is, 6) Judgment,

7) Righteousness.  A parallel list in Ephesians

4.4-6, reads: 1) Spirit, 2) Faith, 3) God, 4) Hope,

5) Dipping, 6) Judgment. 7) Righteousness.

Now we have greater Knowledge and Wisdom

than any previous generation of men.   

What is expected of us is to substitute Wisdom

for “church creeds.”

We have, “The Very First Bible Translation

Including the Names of the Gods.”  Besides

teaching truth, Wisdom also helps us to spot

errors.  And, this will lead to, “Revival 2015.”

“The Lamb” was in the national news last night,

on CBS.  He is winning the Last Battle (Rev


Send a comment if you have the 7 Spirits of God.


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