Illumination of Word by Spirit

There are about 704,000 web pages about

“Illimination.”  Naturally, I did not read them all.

But about 20 of them scanned, mostly referred

to these 2 verses:

“For the natural man seeks not the things of the

Spirit of the God, for they are foolishness to him,

nor can he know for they are spiritually

discerned” – 1 Cor 2.14.

This means that you cannot understand the

Bible message without the “presence” of the

Spirit of God.

“Therefore, since we have such hope, we use

great boldness of speech unlike Moses, who put

a veil over his face so that the children of  Israel

could not look steadily at the end of what is

[now – present tense] passing away.  But their

minds were blinded.  For until this day [about

AD 57] the same veil remains unlifted in the

 reading of the Old Testament, because the veil is

taken away in Anointed” – 2Cor 3.12-14.

Other verses confirm this statement, like,

“God opened Lydia’s Heart,” and, “No one can

come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws


NOTE: Some of these verses refer to the spoken

word, before the New Testament was written. 

 Butthe principle is the same: “He has mercy on

whom He wills, whom He wills He hardens.”

These 704,000 web pages pretty much agreed

on this Bible truth.

But I was saddened that no one had any evidence

of the “presence” of the Spirit in their lives.  If

they possessed the “presence” of the Spirit, then

they would have given personal examples of how

 this works.

The Living God has a few examples for us.

1) “Glory of Gods* (MYHLA), the concealing of a

speaking**, and glory of kings searching out a

speaking” – Prov 25.2.

* Single God is LA.  Hebrew reads left to right.

** This word is “speak” 987 times, and “thing”

only 222 times.  This word, and many more, has

50 definitions.  How would you understand the


This refers to: “God’s A, B, Cs.”  Do you know

them?  God hid Sun, Moon, Stars, Heavens,

Earth.  Did you search them out?  My teachers

from the 1700s and 1800s searched them out!

Sun = King, Jesus was Sun of Righteousness and

King of kings.

Moon = Priests blew their trumpets over

sacrifices of New Moons.

Star = Jesus was Bright and Morning Star; and

Jesus was a prophet; Rev 1.3, 22.19.

Heavens = Sun, Moon, Stars combined.  And

king, priest, prophet combined = Government.

Earth = Israel, later New Jerusalem.

So then, God’s A, B, Cs demonstrated “a speaking

hidden,’ and ‘a speakng searched out.’

Alexander Campbell published a New Testament,

in 1826, with an Appendix with 100 symbols


Also, in 1891, B.W. Johmson published, “The

Peoples’ New Testament,” with the definition of

100 symbols, im his Introduction to Revelation.

“Did you know, ‘Pluck out the right eye’ is about

the left eye?”

A) The Body was Israel.

B)  The Right Eye was the “Shepherds of Israel” –

Zec 11.17.

C) The left Eye guiding the remnant to heaven

was the apostles:

“That which was from the beginning, whom we

have heard, whom we have seen with our eyes,

whom we have looked upon and our hands

have handled concerning the word of life”

– 1 Jn 1.1.

And this is how the Spirit, received by prayer,

James 1.5-8, Illuminates the Word of the God to

the servants of God.

But then – Stipulations!  Stipulations!  Forever,


Before one can receive the Spirit, he must be

saved according to the Bible pattern.

But, what is that?

Every denomination has a different theory.

How will God save anyone?

But then, that is a different subject.


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