The Living God Can Count to 3

Long ago, in Daniel 7.25, Your Creator warned

you that 0the Little Horn (Beast in Rev.) would,

“think to change times and law.”

God listed 3 kings of Israel.  These were: Saul (#1)

and at his death, his son, ‘Ishbosheth’ (#2)

(2 Samuel 2.10-11; 3.1).

After Saul died, David was made King of Judah.

Israel and Judah fought for 7.5 years. But then,

Ishbosheth had only lived 2 years.

Finally, Israel asked David to be KIng of Israel

(#3) (2 Sam 2.4; 5.3-5).

Then the Beast taught that David was #2 (3 = 2).

And, the simple believed the Beast for many

centuriies.  But today, the 7 Spirits of God has

taught us (see: The Miracle of 1992), THAT:

“God Can Count to Three.”

And so, we are now free from the Mark of the

Beast in the Forehead (Mind).

AND — it feels great!


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