“Vanity” – Eccl. = “the mourning”



4.1. And the man knowing with ‘Being’ [Eve hwh], wife of him, and she conceived, and bore out Cain (nyq), and she said, “Cain of me (ytynq) a man from ‘He Is’ (hwhy).”

4.2. And she added to bear out brother of him, of the* Abel.  And Abel was keeper flock, and Cain being servant of ground.

4.3. And he was in process of days, and Cain brought from fruit of the ground an offering to ‘He Is’ (hwhy).

4.4. And the* Abel (LBH lbh) the bringing this also from firstborn of flock of him, and from meat (fat – KJV) of them.  And ‘He Is’ had respect to the* Abel and on offering of him.

4.5. And not Cain, and not offering of him, no respect to Cain.  And he was very angry, and faces of him, they were fallen.

            NOTE: “For the life of the flesh [is] in the blood; and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls.  For it [is] the blood [that] makes atonement for the soul” – Lev



4.6. And he said, ‘He Is’ to Cain, ‘To why anger to you? and to why faces of you they are fallen?

4.7. If this, you do well [then] accepting of you; and if you do not do well, sin lies to the door, and curse of you [is] desire of him; and [on the other hand] you will rule in him [rule in sin].

4.8. And he said, Cain to the* Abel, brother of him, ‘We will go [to] the field.’  And he was, in lives of them (m twyx b) in field, and he rose up, Cain against the* Abel, brother of him, and he slayed him.

4.9. And He said, ‘He Is’ to Cain, ‘Where [is] the* Abel, brother of you?’ And he said, ‘Not knowing of me.  I, the keeper of brother of [me]?’ 


DIGRESSION: This is a message from God to you, that you should not believe Jewish Bible translations, or the men today maintaining Jewish Bible translarions.

“Abel” = lba.  “the Abel” = lbh. 

Hebrew reads right-to-left.  The prefix “H” is on the rigjht.

The prefix in Hebrew “suppresses” the first letter of the noun, in this case, the letter – a.

The man of the Spirit must remove the prefixes (in this case “H”), and then go “treasure-hunting” for the missing first letter.

Lba was translated, “mourning” 68 times.

Look at Ecclesiastes 1.2: lbh lkh = the (H) all (K) of (L) the (H) mourning.

After all of the schooling in Genesis, Chapter Four of “the Abel” (lbh), the Jews missed it, translating, “Abel” in Genesis; and translating, “Mataio ths” in Ecclesiastes, reading, “vanity of the (tees).”

NLT, 2008, reads in Ecclesiastes, “meaningless.”

ESV, 2008, reads, “vanity.”

CEV, 1995, reads, “nonsense.”


Sid Williams, “The Very First Bible Translation Including the Names of the Gods”; 2007, Seven Lamps Library, Granite City, Ilinois is probably the “only” translation with “the mourning” for “the Abel.”



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