I am 75 years old, and was extremely blessed by

“The Living God” to have been born, anf raised up

in the faith during the Millennium (AD 1859 –

1959).  This was the Restoration Movement (and

possibly other bodies unknown to me), which

taught (as Jesus taught), “Separatism.”  John

17, the apostles were “in the world but not of

the world.”  Congregational Autonomy (Self-

rule) was stressed, and in the 182os, Alexander

Campbell wrote, “We have no church doctors,

or Bible Colleges, or preachers, but only elders

and deacons as in the Ancient Order of Things.”

Campbell wrote much against church creeds and

against the Capital Ds and the Double-Ds.  He was

actually quite comical in his expressions

describing the enemy.  The “Thousand Years”

was a symbol for only 100 years.

God has always employed pagan armies to rule

the world, as the King of Assyria was My rod and

Nebuchadnezzar was My servant and Cytus the

Persian was My shepherd and My anointed.

In like manner, Adolph Hitler was the Defender

of the Faith.  The Ecumenical Movement was

having continuous Ecumenical Councils, and

plotting to ban the Bible message worldwide.  In

1938, they sent out their Constitution to

prospectivemembers, intending a follow-up

Ecumenical Council to ban the Bible message


The Living God put the nix on that, sending

Adolph to run the filthy church doctors and

preachers out of Europe.  Adolph saved the day,

and the faith, and he turned all Europe into a

battlefield in 1939.  Due to the great feat of the

Living God, possibly — I was one of the last men

on earth to hear the Bible Message in 1943.

I will rehearse it for you (A Summary of

Revelation): Roman Empire including

persecutions. Fall of Rome – 476.  Arab

Expansion (AD 632-782 = 5 Months).  Fall of

Constanntinople to Ottoman Turks on May 30,

 1453.  42 Months of domination of the Beast:

AD 600-1860.  Babylon fell in 1870 (in all

encyclopedias under topic, “Italy”). 

When I heard that, I thought to myself (in 1943),

“1870 is mighty close.  I wonder what will

happen in my lifetime?”  And before I had

finished these thoughts, “the Living God witness”

began to read: “When the thousand years have

expired, Satan will be loosed from his prison

(Rev 19.20) and will go out to DECEIVE the

nations (Churches) which are in the four corners

of the earth (Millennium), Gog and Magog

(Ecumenical Movement) …” – Rev 20.7-8.

“Hey!  That is not what I wanted to hear!  Oh well,

you must take what you get.  But, if Satan comes

in my lifetime — I will spot him!  You can count

on that!”  This was a serious-minded 10 year old

boy, thinking these thoughts.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

In 1960, after 18 years of hearing, “No church

doctors!”, the congregation of my youth

announced, ” Next week our speaker will be,

‘Dr. So-and-So.” 

“That’s him!” I said to myself, “That’s him!”  And

when the service closed, I sought out my

favorite elder, to inform him what was going on.

“Sid, everything is different now. Go with the

flow!  Go with the flow!”

And, I never heard of the Living God again in a

church service.

The Living God witness also said it would be

short (Rev 20.3; AD 1959-2004), and The Lamb

 would win the Last Battle (Rev 20.9b-10;

AD 2004-2015).

And, the Final Resurrection would follow the

Last Battle.

And — I knew all these future historical events

when I was 10 years old.

And, I became a historian of the “Living God

Writers”; and they all pretty much agreed.

Chapter 20, of Revelation, is the biography of

your life! 


2 Responses to “About”

  1. sidwms Says:

    I am 75 years old, and have lived through the Second Dark Ages (45 Years: AD 1959-2004), and am now enjoying the “Last Battle” (Rev
    The “Filthy Five (Rev 20) are doomed to defeat and disgrace.
    These were named: Gog & Magog, the Devil that Deceived, and the Beast
    and the False Prophet. They were previously exposed during the Millennium (AD 1859-1959), but — men loved darkness rather than light.
    We (saved only) will soon enjoy “Revival 2015.”

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