The Lamb Counted 3 versus “1.5”

Daniel warned us in 560s BC, The Little Horn

(Beast in Rev), “thinks to change times and law” –

Dan 7.25.

Jesus prophesied that He would be “3 days & 3

nights in the belly of the earth” – Mt 12.40.

This was Thursday and Friday and Sarurday.

“For the Evening and the Morning were the first

day” – Gen 1.5.

So then, “Thursday”began at sundown on

“Wednesdsay,” and “Saturday” ended at sun-

down on “Saturday.”

But then, Jesus got “no respect.”  The Beast and

the False Prophet teach that “1.5” days in the

tomb confirms the death on Good Friday.  And

so, The Mark of the Beast (in this case) was:

“3 = 1.5.”

Peter Counted to Three:

The “Three Ages of Man on Earth” were the

Pre-flood (2 Pet 3.6; #1) and the Old Heavens

(2 Pet 3.7-10; #2) and the New Heavens (“we are

looking [future tense] for (2 Pet 3.13).

The Beast and the False Prophet teach “the Day of

Pentecost (#2) was the coming of the Son of the

man” — AND — we have NO NEW COVENANT!

So then, in this case, “3 = 2.”

This is the Mark of the Beast in the Forehead


God had warned you of this through the prophet

Daniel (Dan 7.25).

You canot say that you were not warned!


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